Artist Lena Quagliato guest stars on TV’s “Pawn Stars”

lena artist paintings canvas

some of Lena’s earlier paintings: “Trust” (left) and “The Dotted Line” (right

Tune in to the History Channel on April 10th(air date could change) to check out painter/artist and fellow wordpress blogger Lena Quagliato who will be featured on the reality TV hit Pawn Stars. She informs me that the details of the visit are a surprise but I get a feeling we are going to see some new original artwork from her. I have never met Lena in person, but we have been in contact over the net for a while brainstorming art promotional strategies so I am as curious as heck, also I  watch that show all the time and to see someone I know pop up in it will be a real hoot. As Rick Harrison, the owner of the pawn shop says “Everything has a story and a price” so stay tuned.
You can check out Lena’s amazing artwork here, or go like her on Facebook here.
lena Quagliato on pawn stars

on the set

April 3, 2014

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